ENG 473: Approaches to Literary Theory and Criticism

ENG 465: African-American Literature

ENG 461: Modern African Drama

ENG 458: Contemporary English Novel

ENG 455: Modern English Drama

ENG 453: The Early Moderns

ENG 412: Introduction to English Stylistics

ENG 408: Nigerian English Phonology

ENG 405: The English of Business and Professional Communication

ENG 390: Research Methods

ENG 373: Introduction to Gender Studies

ENG 368: Nigerian Literature

ENG 367: Oral African Literature

ENG 366: Victorian and Edwardian Poetry

ENG 353: The Early English Novel

ENG 352: Selected Works in English Renaissance and 17th Century Poetry

ENG 351: Eighteenth Century Literature

ENG 308: The Principles of Learning English as a Second Language

ENG 307: Introduction to the Study of Meaning in English

ENG 305: A General Phonology of English

ENG 304: Art of Public Speaking

ENG 301: English Syntactic Analysis

ENG 272: Critical Writing

ENG 271: Practical Criticism III

ENG 255: Introduction to African Literature