Our Terms Of Ethics

AfriNOTES Africa multipurpose portal: fully agrees and adopts the same ethics of journalism, Business classified, eLearning and classified website media publications, as highlighted by the Society of Professional Journalists, SPJ and we Abide by the following principles of ethical Journalism

Find The Truth, See Truth, Report It and Educate the public

We believe that ethical journalism, should be accurate and fair, not just that, we believe in digital news, which should be a focus in bringing our world together

While the eLearning section of AfriNOTES is focusing on helping Africans to add professional career and skillset prospects to their life

AfriNOTES believe that one thing that can make Africa great is Human Development and this is the reason we are focusing on Africa’s human development

While our eLearning platform is also available as an online education portal to our users. The eLearning is versatile, with professional instructors, to entrepreneurs listing their business on our business directory, classified section to Journalists, reporting telling stories on the AfriNOTES digital news sections

Our journalists, reporters are trained to be honest and courageous in gathering reporting, and interpreting information to Africa and the global public

Here Journalists/Reporters should: Take responsibility for the accuracy of their work. All information is verified information before publishing. 

We use sources whenever possible, we add citations when is vital, we work in speed to publish breaking news around Africa and sometimes across the globe without excuses inaccuracy.

Provide context. We take special care not to misrepresent or oversimplify in promoting, then previewing, summarizing a lead, a story, business listing, and classified ads 

We often gather more lead, information, and update most of our stories, articles in some cases, sometimes we correct information throughout the life of a news story

We are very cautious when publishing stories or articles that make promises, we work to see that such promises are kept or fulfill in case of political promises

In a case when a politician makes some promises and later fulfill these promises, we write and quotes them with relatives articles, but in a situation where they fail, we also make updates informing the public

We make and identify sources that the public is entitled to know and have as much information as possible, so they can judge the reliability, accuracy, and motivations of sources

Before putting any information on our platform we do consider sources’ motives before publishing, even in a case of promising anonymity

We keep anonymity for all sources, to whom may face retribution, danger, treat or other harm, and have information that cannot be obtained elsewhere, we do our best to keep the Anonyme 

We explain why anonymity was granted, diligently seek subjects of news coverages, reporting, and publication to allow them to respond to criticism or allegations of wrongdoing. 

And also to avoid undercover or other surreptitious methods of gathering information unless traditional, open methods will not yield information vital to the public

We trained our journalists, reporters to be very vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable and even going as far as getting information from them. 

We give voice to the voiceless, we work in making Africa greater and make our platform open for Businesses across all Africa nations with the availability of our Business Directory, eLearning, and classified portal more African has a platform called AfriNOTES where they can use to promote their business, start-up, and ideation for free

We support the open and civil exchange of views, even views they find repugnant or opposite to our own opinions and facts, we recognize a special obligation to serve as watchdogs in public records, we are open to all.

We make access to sources material when it is needed, we make it open and accessible to the public, we keep public records open to all, as well provide access to sources materials when it is relevant and appropriate as well. 

We boldly tell the story of diversity, we tell stories about Africa, stories about Africa culture and medicine, we also write on who is across Africa, where is and what is

Our How-to articles are doing well and serve as educational marketing content to our readership, and the magnitude of the human experience. 

We seek sources whose voices we seldom hear and avoid stereotyping. We are on practice that all journalists and media reporting should examine the ways their values, tell stories to the public as experiences may shape their reporting, and label advocacy and commentary

Never deliberately distort facts or context, including visual and field base information. Label illustrations are re-enactments, never plagiarize. Always attribute

These we do as an Africa multipurpose portal for digital news, business directory, eLearning, and classified ads portal for all Africa national, we work smart to give all our users an enable portal they can rely on any day and time. Also Read Our Privacy Policy